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Not only a product supplier, we are an ¡°Agency-Focused¡± corporate sourcing company.  We offer comprehensive custom sourcing service. We like to work as an extension of the purchasing departments of our clients.

An unexperienced company in working with China, could think of managing by itself an outsourcing project in order to benefit from the best prices that it could obtain on the Chinese market. And this, without working with an ¡°intermediate¡±.

Nevertheless, lots of them which have already experienced such projects have decided in the end to develop a partnership with a global service company such as Hawk International.

Indeed, managing new operational developments in China is very complex:  
Cultural and linguistic barrier: It is one of the main recurrent problem. Numerous factories in China have at least one English-speaking person. But some technical translations can be very difficult.
To solve this problem, Hawk International. integrates in its team technicians and engineers to make sure all information and instructions are well understood and carried out.

Sourcing of the right suppliers: There is no official exhaustive register of suppliers as you can find in your country. Searching and auditing an appropriate factory can be very long and complex.
Hawk International has developed its own database with more than 2,000 qualified suppliers, based on 134 quality criteria. Hawk International audits them (production process, financial situation, social situation¡­ ) and gives all of them a certain quality level.

Setting-up and follow-up of production: Visiting and supervising the factories during production process is essential. Consequently, high attendance costs have be planned.
Hawk International put its own team at your disposal.

Trustworthy relationship: The quality of a relation between a client and a supplier is an important factor. The Chinese culture is essentially based on the confidence between 2 parties.
Hawk International has already developed good relations with its suppliers for years. This assures a qualitative management of projects.

Legal aspects: China¡¯s legal system is difficult to understand in terms of new laws as well as disputes (quality, delays¡­).
If you work with Hawk International, you set up a partnership who was ruled by the international regulations and laws. So, you ease and minimize risks related to your project¡¯s legal aspects.
For all these reasons, Hawk International is the necessary partner for its clients in the development of their industrial projects in China. 
The erosion of markets, increase in competitiveness and price wars, are factors that play a role in this new outsourcing trend. During the last few years, the acceleration of commercial exchanges with China have caused a huge increase in competition on all national and international markets.

As a result, outsourcing in China has advantages that companies willing to optimize and manage their development can not ignore anymore:

More competitiveness...
- Increase and flexibility in production capacity                      
- Faster development
- Adjustment to new market demands with much more flexibility

A better positioning...
Focus on the ¡®core¡¯ of the business
- Improvement of risk management                                     
- Increase in the value of products and services that results in a higher customers¡¯ satisfaction

An exponential growth...
Possibility to launch new products
- Gain of new market segments                                             
- Freeing of financial and human resources to manage other activities and services

A stable and valuable future...
- Decrease of production and management costs                   
- Opportunity to convert fixed costs into variable costs
- Decrease in direct investments

Hawk International delivers value that goes beyond usual supply chain management by building long-term partnerships around an in-depth understanding of each client's unique needs. Our Client Services division co-ordinates merchandising, product design, engineering and quality teams that work in tandem, creating products to enhance your company's brands and profitability. With no financial interest in the manufacturers we source from, Hawk International is uniquely enabled to act in the interests of our clients.


Contact us today and let us answer all your questions regarding our custom sourcing service.